Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birthday #6

Happy Birthday, Ethan! Yesterday he had his first friend birthday party. My mom used to give us a big party every year and she did it for all of her kids. Even made great cakes, too. Kudos to her. It's not an easy thing to do. We made it only one hour. Darren had to do a Christmas bird count in Idaho Falls but Tracie came up and helped. Thanks to her, we survived.

Eating cake and ice cream with his friends.

Ethan's favorite uncle, right now, is Jeff because Jeff gave him his old guitar for his birthday. So any uncles that want to compete better get working on it. That will be hard to beat. The kids keep saying Ethan got 3 instruments for his birthday. Kevin gave him his toy ukulele (or however you spell that), Jeff gave him the guitar, and then the guitar also had a tuner with it. So, to them, the tuner counts as an instrument.

Ethan with his new scooter (that came from Black Friday sales). Too bad it's been snowing all day and he can't even go outside and ride it. And since it will probably not get above 30 degrees until late February or March, the snow will not be melting anytime soon. That's what happens when you have a birthday in December.


Becca Queen of Chaos said...

It looks like a great day!!

Tracie said...

He looks good with that guitar.

Delene said...

Wait until he gets my present! Just wait!

Andy said...

your not an uncle mom, you dont count,,,and december bdays do have their drawbacks,,,Happy Bday eth!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan! That guitar is one cool present.

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday dude!

Brooklyn says:
g c gtj sc r