Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines and my past

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it was a happy one for all of you. Darren had to go out of town for part of the weekend so he surprised me on Thursday with half a dozen beautiful roses. I took a picture of them but blogger seems to be too busy to add it to this update. I got Darren 6 car wash passes. I think that men have an easier job on Valentines day than women do. Get a woman some flowers, chocolates or jewelry and she's set. But there really aren't any traditional Valentine gifts to give men. If any of you have any good ideas you can send them to me and I might use them next year.

Today I needed something to keep me occupied so I got out some old pictures and scanned them into the computer. I did it so I could put them on facebook but now I think I will do more and save them to a disc. It's good photo preservation. My mom has most of my pictures at her house but I do have a few in my book of remembrance.

Family picture when I was 14 years old.

Rose and me sitting in a chair.

Junior prom - one of the few high school pictures I have where my hair looks half way decent.

Third grade


Tracie said...

It's so fun to find old pictures. I was just going through some stuff today and came across the same family picture.

Delene said...

That was an old family picture! Andy isn't even on it! Time goes too fast. If you are looking for things to do,,,,,come on down! When do you have spring break? I'll let you scrap book a few pictures for me and then you can have the rest!

Andy said...

Usually for Guys, anything simple is good for Valentines day....a card, cookies, whatever, or nothing at all, Valentines day is more for women anyways. And Dad looks really really young in that picture, But I was there mom, you just can't see me yet ;).

Rose said...

I ususally do food for Dave for Valentine's Day, but I agree that men are harder to buy for than women. That's a good idea to scan the pictures into the computer. I need to do that.

Theresa said...

These pictures are great! We were just looking at old pictures last night. I wish Jason would get me car wash passes for holiday, that's a great idea.

Thomas Family said...

That's a serious prom dress you have going on there. Keeper!