Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Playful Saturday

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful so the boys and I took advantage of that. We spent some time outside and, since it's fall, a lot of our play involved all the leaves on our lawn. Be sure to check out Kevin's photos in the blog entry following.

Jake playing in the leaves

I thought I could get a darling picture of the boys sitting in the bright yellow leaves but Jake would not cooperate.

Kevin showing his acrobatics.

Kevin jumping in the big pile we made and Jake having fun, too.


Pat C. said...

Great action shot of Kevin! Those three certainly make good use of fall weather! Can't wait to see you all again in a couple of weeks.

Rose said...

Those are fun pictures. I'll bet you guys get lots of leaves with the big trees in your yard.

Mary Ann said...


Delene said...

Kevin are you 1/2 monkey??? Looks like lots of fun. Too bad Jake wouldn't cooperate.

Maile said...

There is as much energy at your house as mine, ok maybe a little more.

Tracie said...

You want to come rake up my leaves and jump in them?