Sunday, October 29, 2006


All week the boys have been begging to carve the pumpkins and I finally gave in on Saturday. So here are some pictures of us hard at work. We should have waited until Darren got home because Kevin says Darren is better at carving pumpkins than I am.

Kevin was queasy about pulling the yucky stuff out of the pumpkin but he got brave.

Here's me pulling the yucky stuff out.

Our finished pumpkins. Kevin's is the one on the left.

More yucky stuff.


Jolene said...

Smart carving pumpkins on the floor. When we carved pumpkins alot of it ended up on the floor. Christian loves slime.

Carrie said...

Susan! You are a hottie with a naughty body!

Mary Ann said...

that looks like fun.....we are doing that tonight!

Delene said...

Yucky stuff just comes with Pumpkin Carving! They look great.

Mom C. said...

Once again--what a great mom!! I got out of it this year--I held Dexter while the rest worked their artist magic on pumpkins!

Tracie said...