Saturday, May 05, 2007

A New Post

Here are some pictures from the last month of our lives:

Darren will take bets at times. Last night was one of them. We went out to eat with Jon and Kristi and Darren had prime rib (we had gift cards to spend). Jon said he would give him a dollar if Darren would eat the big piece of fat. Darren didn't go for that so Jon changed it and said he would pay him a dollar if he kept the fat in his mouth for thirty seconds. So this is a picture of him doing just that. In fact, I think he kept it in longer so I could take the picture.

Kevin in his Yankee uniform. He started coach pitch baseball a couple of weeks ago. The last game they played the Mariners and the Mariners creamed them. (That's for all you Seattle fans).

As Sam said, stitches are blog worthy. The above is my attempt to take a picture of Jake's stitches right above his eyebrow. But you can't see it very well. He tripped and fell against the entertainment center. Out of three boys, this is our first stitches.

Kevin playing baseball. I'm a nerd and was trying to hurry with this update. I am at Tracie's house, picking up my kids from their sleepover, and they are bugging me to be done so we can go to a petstore (Tracie's idea, not mine -- we're not getting a pet). So I forgot to turn this picture around.

Kevin hitting the ball (By the way Darren took the baseball pictures)

Sam rolling down a hill at a park in Seattle. Carrie got the top of the hill shots and I got the bottom of the hill shots.

Sam done rolling down the hill.

Darren rolling down the hill. This was another of those bets he took up. Carrie offered him a dollar if he would do it. She also gave Sam a dollar and Darren laughed and said that wasn't any benefit to Sam because Sam's dollars were the same as Carrie's dollars. Both Carrie and Sam laughed at that and said that was not true.

Darren done rolling down the hill.

Darren on the car ride home from Seattle.

All of us eating at Claim Jumpers.

Us at the troll under a bridge in Seattle. I've heard a lot about it but never seen it.
And below is Darren and Dexter.


Tracie said...

Wow!! Dexter is getting big. He looks like Parker. The fat in the mouth is disgusting!! I'm glad he didn't eat it. You sure have had a lot of vacations from your kids lately!! :) I hope you enjoyed them. You deserve them.

Rose said...

Yeah, your kids even get sleepovers at Tracie's. That's pretty nice. Jake, too? Jared's baseball team is the Tigers this year. I loved the troll bridge. Weren't you scared he might eat you?

Mary Ann said...

poor dexter

Delene said...

Yea! An update! Thanks for sharing all of those pictures! So, how come you didn't get a pet?

Carrie said...

Oh man, the "fat in the mouth" picture just made me THROW UP in my mouth!
that was a good update, I hadn't seen any pictures of the guys rolling down the hill from the bottom perspective. Very funny!

Curtis and Shandy said...

I think the last picture shows that Darren really isn't good with babies. Susan you are amazing putting up with certain antics. Oh yeah!!!!!

Pat C. said...

Great update in spite of the mouth of fat! Cute kids--reminds me of the good old baseball days. We need to come up see one of Kevin's games. Maybe we could play hooky from work some day and come up!

Susan said...

There are only four more baseball games, two this week and two next week. We didn't get a pet because I don't want to take care of it. I already have three kids and a husband to take care of.

Jolene said...

Loved the up-date!!