Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fayette pictures

Last weekend we went to Fayette to a goodbye get together for my brother Ben. His national guard unit has been called up to Iraq. He'll spend some time at Fort Bliss in Texas and then go to Iraq. There are several from the small town of Fayette going. When Gary went a couple of years ago the Fayette guys didn't. So it's a big thing for the whole town. Gary is on active duty but he gets to stay in Utah, thank goodness. Anyway, it's always fun to get together with my family so here are some shots of our fun times together. Good luck Ben! We'll miss you!

Ethan in the hammock.

Ben, Heather, and Ethan in the hammock. There's no swinging in that one.

Ethan and Heather swinging away. Darren took several shots of this. I picked my favorite one.

Ami, Tracie, Ethan, me and Rose chatting and watching the barrel racing. It looks like Ethan is the only one noticing Darren taking a picture.

Kevin on the barrel. I'm not sure what that look on his face is. He was having fun most of the time.

Pregnant MaryAnn on the barrel. I wonder if her doctor would approve.

Rose and me. I like Rose's pose and expression here.

Ryan and Darren.

Darren off the barrel.

Ben playing He-man.

Ryan, Rose, Grandma and Grandpa after dinner.

Tracie and my boys on the four wheeler. That is the first time Jake would even get near it.


When Darren took Ethan for a four wheeler ride they found a snake in the road. You know Darren, they stopped to look at it and it climbed up into the four wheeler. So this is everyone watching while Darren, Dave, Ryan and a bunch of others tried to get it out.

Gary was not one of that group. He stood there with a hoe to protect himself in case the snake got loose.

Dave and Darren showing their success.

Ben and Tracie putting up the movie screen.

While we were watching "Night at the Museum" in our outdoor theater (thanks to Gary and Ami), Darren was taking pictures. Since he isn't doing his blog anymore I am putting this one on my blog.


Tracie said...

I forgot you took that picture of us on the four-wheeler. I'm going to have to copy it. I like your pics.

Mom C. said...

Man, can we join the Fayette family?! We need to beef up our entertainment here, I can plainly see! Do Gary and Ami rent out their movie services?!!

Indiana Clark's said...

That looks like a great time. I love the movie idea! -Kim

Rose said...

You had some great pictures. It was a really fun weekend.

Delene said...

We had a blast! I'm glad I had a last minute whim to get everyone together and they all came! Mom C. you can join us anytime!