Thursday, June 05, 2008

Catching Up

I've been a slacker and haven't updated my blog for a while. I've had things to put on it but just haven't done it. So this will be a long post.
A weekend or so before school got out, it was a warm day/night. So Darren put up the tent and the boys invited their friends over for a sleepover. I wasn't sure they would make it all night, especially Ethan, but they did and they had a great time.

Ethan, Kevin, Layton, and Daylen in front of the tent.

T-ball started on Tuesday. I am the coach so I didn't get to take any pictures. My neighbor, however, did and she was nice enough to share them with me. So here are two pictures of Ethan and T-ball. He was so excited for his first game and he did a good job. We just have to work on the kids actually getting the ball when they are in the outfield instead of just watching it roll past them.

Ethan and his buddy, Jud.

Ethan running to third base.

We finally got some shrubs planted in the front of our house. We planted burning bushes and another one I can't remember the name of right now. Darren will know.

Ready for planting.

Darren and Jon planting. My job was to photograph.

All planted.

Darren posted about our trip to feed the fish. Here are some of my photos from the trip.

Darren with a stonefly on a stick.

Darren was photographing the stonefly on his own hand but decided he needed someone else to hold it. He knew that the only other person in our family that would hold it was Ethan. Here is Ethan patiently holding it so Darren could photograph it. Ethan ended up taking it home as a "pet".

Ethan and Kevin feeding the fish.

Darren feeding the fish.

Last Saturday we attended Pack Meeting. It was a hike along the Cress Creek trail south of Rexburg and then roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Kevin, Ethan and me went to it while Darren stayed home with Jacob.

Ethan wanted to roast a hot dog but didn't dare get close enough to the fire to roast it. I ended up doing it for him.

Kevin hates hot dogs but wanted to roast one so he roasted a hot dog for me.

They had a tug of war at the end. Kevin is on the end.


Curtis and Shandy said...

Good choice on the burning bush. I have those, they are great.

Tracie said...

Great idea to put the tent up for the sleepover. Then you didn't have to deal with them in the house. I love the picture of Ethan sitting on the bench at T-ball. That's a classic.

Rose said...

I also love the picture of Ethan on the T-ball bench. And, I think you are one cool Mom to be the coach. You rock!

Pat & Carl said...

Susan, you constantly amaze me..T-ball coach is perfect for you, however, because it requires endless patience. I remember our kids used to go to Cress Creek, too. Great blog. (Pat)

Andy said...

you better watch out Rose, Lacy might put Susan up as the next candidate for Elite Mom :)

Becca Queen of Chaos said...

Man, you have been busy!! What a fun post!! You rock to be the T-ball coach!

Delene said...

I'm glad you finally updated! We missed you at the reunion this weekend!

Jolene Martinez said...

Great blog Coach!! I missed you guys this weekend.