Monday, March 02, 2009

Flowers and Pack Meeting

When I went out of the house this morning, I noticed a little splotch of yellow by the front door. Our first crocus was out and looks so pretty when everything else is so brown around it. But Rexburg still has a lot of old, dirty snow to get rid of as you can see from the other pictures.

Thursday was our first pack meeting we were in charge of and it was also the Blue and Gold Banquet. Here is Darren overseeing a game called the ABC's of America.

Darren giving Kevin his awards. I should have gotten up from my seat and went in front of them to take the picture.

A skit the Webelos put on.


Carl and Pat said...

Wow--this brings back memories of when Carl was Cub Master!! Looks like you had a successful Blue-and-Gold banquest. Congrats to Kevin!

Rose said...

Gotta love pack meetings. You guys will do a great job. I wish I had something planted that would be coming up right now. Maybe next year.