Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catch Up

I've had a lot of things to post but seem to be getting lazy with my blog. So this is my catch up update.

Happy Birthday to Jake! His birthday fell on a Tuesday, which has been a very hectic day this summer with work, soccer, scouts, and more. So he got pizza for dinner, a store bought cake and a quick celebration betwee all of our other activities. But he didn't seem to mind.

A couple of weeks ago, the boys hair was driving me crazy so we got out the clippers.

The "before" shot.

And "after" - doesn't that look so much better?

When my mom and dad were here visiting around the 4th of July they surprised me with these beautiful flowers. When they gave them to me the lillies weren't open yet so I told my mom I would take a picture for her when they were. Aren't they so pretty?

A couple of weeks ago we went to the drive in movie. It's a fun night but not something we do more than once a year because it is so late. The movies were Ice Age 3 and Night at the Museum 2. Ice Age 3 was cute, Night at the Museum 2 was boring, especially since it was 1 am and I was tired. But it's always fun to watch the movies from your own car, especially if you have room to stretch out.

Monday night Tracie thought it would be a great idea to spend family home evening at the Idaho Falls Chukars game. Jared was visiting for a few days so we all had a great time at the baseball game -- minus Jeff - poor thing had to work.

Here's the whole crowd except me.

Ethan and Jake - Ethan isn't grumpy, he's just being serious.

Kevin and Jared are not being serious. After the game the kids get to run the bases. We were all down by the gate waiting for the players to get off the field so the kids could go out there. As the players pass by all the kids are trying to get broken bats and baseballs from them. Jared was one of the lucky kids that got a bat and Darren caught one of the balls.


marie said...

sounds like fun:) Your lucky to have Tracie so close that you can get together often:)

Carl and Pat said...

Such cute the haircuts, too. Miss you guys and looking forward to spending time with you all next week!

Rose said...

Thanks for taking Jared. He had a great time! He loves his bat.

Andy said...

peppa - oni pizza's the best!

Delene said...

I love the hair cuts! Looks like the Lizards are still priority! We had a fun time. The flowers are still beautiful!