Monday, August 10, 2009

After the Clark family reunion in Island Park we were home for one night, went to church in our home ward and then headed down to Utah. We first stopped at Curtis and Shandy's house for some yummy fish and chicken tacos -- and good company. Then we went to West Jordan. We hung out with Darren's family and had family pictures taken. Tuesday morning we went to Fayette. Darren went fishing up in the mountains and the boys and I stayed in Fayette. We spent the morning hanging out with my mom, playing with leggos, catching grasshoppers and trying to find chickens. Fayette is overrun with grasshoppers this year and Ethan loved that. My mom gave him a glass jar and lid and told him to catch as many as he could. She wanted him to catch them because she hates them. He wanted to catch them because he loves them. I would have taken a picture of 20 grasshoppers stuffed in a pint jar but it was pretty disgusting with everything grasshoppers leave behind. You'll just have to use your imagination. My mom had to leave in the afternoon to take care of Rose's kids up north. But we had a little time with her before she left.

The boys and I also took a walk down to my grandparents house. They were out on the porch so we all sat out there and talked until the boys started to fight and I could tell it was getting to grandpa. I didn't have anyone to run interference. But it was a great visit while it lasted. And I got a cute picture.

When my dad got home from work we ate dinner and then went to the Fayette Spring. I grew up swimming at the spring. This is also where the town of Fayette gets their water and one of the main reasons my early ancestors settled here.

I had to wade into the spring to get this picture.

My dad on the four wheeler and the boys getting used to the water. The dragonflys and bugs on the water made them a little nervous.

The spring is not very deep but Kevin found a short rope swing that he had to try out. (This is the deepest part of the spring where kids sometimes get baptized.)

Letting go.

Because the Fayette Cemetary is on the way home from the spring I wanted to stop by and check it out. It's been a long time since I've been there. I have a lot of ancestors buried here but my great grandpa and grandma Lyman I knew so I had the kids pose by that tombstone. Kevin had fun checking out the dates on the tombstones and seeing that there were children buried there.


Tracie said...

Grandma and Grandpa must sit out on there porch a lot. That's where Jeff and I found them when we stopped by too. Looks like you had fun there too. I'm excited to see the new family pictures.

Carl and Pat said...

Great post, Susan. Wonderful photos of the boys, too. You had a full two weeks!

Rose said...

Looks fun. It makes our summer sound boring. Maybe we need to do something in the week and a half left before school.

Becca Queen of Chaos said...

I loved this post! Thank you!