Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Catch up

Happy Easter!! I video taped coloring Easter eggs but didn't get any pictures with my camera. It's hard to balance both camera and video camera. But here are the boys on Easter morning with their Easter baskets.

March's theme for cub scout pack meeting was "Take Flight". We took the easy way out and toured the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg. It's a pretty cool museum with small airplanes, old and new that all work. There are even some from World War II. The boys seemed to enjoy it. Here are Ethan and Jacob in front of one of the planes. I think it was a bomber.

My grandmother Bartholomew passed away in March. She will be greatly missed. We went to visit her a little over a week before she died and it was a wonderful visit. She was able to sit up and talk to us for about an hour. I got a couple pictures of her talking to the kids. She had all of the great grandkids (mine, Rose's and my cousin Sharlyn's) come up to her and tell her their names and how old they were. Darren got better pictures but I don't have those. Then she had my aunt Kathy make us all ice cream cones. That's just like my grandma.

My grandparents headstone at the burial.

Ami, me, Rose, MaryAnn, and my cousins Lisa and Casey at the viewing.

And last but not least -- Biggest Loser. The weekend of the funeral it was my mom's turn to clean my Grandpa Christiansen's house. I went and helped. After we were done, we all went out to lunch. On the way back from lunch we passed the KSL building in Salt Lake. We saw this huge line and wondered what was going on. Then my mom remembered she had seen something on TV advertising Biggest Loser auditions. These people were all lined up to audition for the show. I made Tracie go around the block twice so I could take pictures and videotape. Maybe one of these people will actually be on the show and I can say they were on my blog.


Rose said...

I like the picture of all of us on the couch at the church. It turned out great.

Mary Ann said...

I agree with Rose!

Andy and Kat Bartholomew said...

yay an update!