Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Los Angeles

Last week I went to the American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference in LA. It was a good conference. We spent the days in lectures and visiting vendors' booths. In the evening some of the drug companies sponsored events for us. The first night was a wine and cheese networking event. That wasn't too exciting for me since I don't drink wine and cheese doesn't excite me too much. But the second night we had two events. The first one was appetizers and the Biltmore Hotel (where the first academy awards were held). Then later that night we had desserts and Irish coffee. Don't worry, I just had dessert and water. But we did get some cool cups. Later on in the night Patti Labelle was going to talk about diabetes and perform. But it was so loud in there you couldn't even talk to the person next to you and we were tired do we gave up waiting for her. Friday night we had a nice dinner and the a musical called "Songs of the Cinema". They sang many songs from movies and it was wonderful. That's just my kind of thing. Oh, and before the musical Josh something or other talked to us for a few minutes. He is an actor on the show "Las Vegas" and was also Tadd Hamilton in "Win a Date With Tadd Hamilton". I recognized him but he is not an actor I really know. Also at one of the booths on Thurday Kevin Covais from American Idol was signing pictures. I was not really a fan of his but Tracie really liked him so I had him sign one for her. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera or I could have gotten a picture with him. Which brings me to why there are no pictures on this entry. We can't find our camera. Even though I didn't take my camera to LA, I could have been creative and taken a picture of Tracie's picture of Kevin or something. But no pictures until the camera returns. Our flight home was uneventful. All of that terrorist stuff happened while we were there so I was a little concerned about flying home, especially from a major airport like LAX. The security was tighter but we got through pretty fast and made it home okay. Hopefully there will be pictures on the next entry.


nalani said...

I'm so jealous that you got to see Josh Duhamel----he's hot!!!!! I would have bought you a camera to take a picture of him!!!!!

Mary Ann said...

I am glad that you had a good trip....Jared and I are heading out the door for our trip to LA. We will have to compare notes.

Susan said...

Good job, Nalani! You got his last name. That was him and he was pretty good looking, I must say.

Tracie said...

I want to go to LA. But why go to LA when you can take cute little boys camping! :)

Michael Slade said...


When we were in Ireland last year, Poll and my dad had an Irish Coffee at one of the B&B's we stayed at.

The hostess offered them one, and they had the little W of W discussion. So, they decided to have their Irish coffee decaf...oh yeah, and without the Irish Whiskey. I guess you could say they decafinnated coffee, in Ireland? What does that make it?

Anyway, they both said it was good, the hostess had an 'interesting' time with them, and everyone was smiling.

Oh well. Glad you found your camera.