Sunday, November 26, 2006

Children's Museum

Darren has pretty much covered our Thanksgiving and I didn't take any pictures of Friday. But here are some pictures from our Saturday at the Children's Discovery Center and Temple Square.

Kevin and Carson piloting the life flight helicopter.

Kevin climbing the rock wall.

Ethan dressed as a horse in his stall. He wasn't very excited to pose for me.

Carson, Kevin, and Ethan being news anchors.

Ethan giving Darren a ride in his car.

Kevin operating one of the machines in the water play area.

Ethan, Carson, and Kevin playing with the ball activities. This one Ethan is at was like the game, Plinko, on the Price is Right. I've always wanted to play that game so I tried it here. Unfortunately I didn't win 10,000 dollars.

Jake and Ethan pretending they are beavers.

Kevin, Jacob, and Ethan playing with the water.

Kevin and Ethan riding Nellie, the horse.

Darren took this picture while we were waiting for Parker to finish singing with the sister missionaries. I think it looks pretty cool and pretty realistic (meaning little boys have a hard time holding still.)


Delene said...

Sounds like you had fun! Darren looks really "content" sitting in the car. Trouble is, soon Ethan really will be giving Darren a ride. They grow up too fast.

Rose said...

We're thinking of doing the temple square thing this weekend. Was it fun?

Mary Ann said...

Looks like that discovery place was fun.

Tracie said...

I love the picture of Darren in the car with Ethan! That's awesome. I love the different costumes. Did Ethan try on all of the different costumes?

Carrie said...

Your pictures of the museum are way better than mine! Good job!

rose, there weren't as many lights as their has been in the past. I was sort of disappointed, but the kids loved it so that might be the deciding factor. :)

Susan said...

And our trip around temple square was quite short.