Monday, November 06, 2006

My weekend photos

Whenever a lot of family members with blogs gets together for a fun weekend there are always similar stories and pictures shared on the various blogs. This is my version:

Kevin and his brothers after the baptismal service. Jake looks like he's about to run away.

Kevin and his dad before getting baptized.

Sunday morning all of my boys were in white shirts and ties (except Jake). I couldn't resist taking a picture. Of course, Ethan's shirt was untucked before Sacrament Meeting even started and his tie was off 3 minutes after church started. But, he sure looked good before he left.

The boys insisted on a silly one so here it is.

Here's LaCee and Jake bonding.

Jake with his first ice cream cone.

Some of our overnight guests - MaryAnn, Jared, LaCee, Ryan. Curtis, Shandy and Dexter were our other overnight guests but I didn't get a picture of them.

Here's the icecream scooper. You had to be careful. If you didn't watch him and tell him when to stop he would just keep making the ice cream cone higher.

4 sisters and the ice cream party.


Tracie said...

I love that picture of the four sisters. That turned out really cute. It might just have to go on the calendar.

Clarks in Orem said...

Ethan has an Xbox tie on the third picture down. If you don't know what an Xbox tie is, ask Darren.

Jolene said...

The Bartholomew sisters rock! Great photo.

Pat C. said...

Wow--good job, Susan! Course, it makes it easier when you have good-looking subjects! Those are some gorgeous sisters!

Rose said...

The only reason I don't like the pictures of the sisters is because I look pretty bad.

Susan said...

I think I look pretty bad in the sister's picture, too.

Delene said...

I think the four of you look pretty dang good! And you all sort of resemble one another. Imagine that!