Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have a lot of great pictures to post on my blog but I can't do that until I get to a computer that I can do photos with. Like the snowman we made yesterday, or the hair cuts I gave my boys, or the sandwich Darren made. They will all just have to wait. For now I'll just share the current highlight of my winter. When you have small children you can't go out and get entertained as often because you have to get a babysitter or take them with you. (It's great on days when babysitters actually call you and ask you if they can babysit - thanks, Katie. By the way, I don't recommend seeing "Catch and Release".) So a lot of our current entertainment is watching TV in the evenings. And there are some very good shows on right now.
Sunday nights : "The One That I Want"
"The Apprentice".
And this Sunday is the premier of All Stars Amazing Race. Can't miss that! Thank goodness for DVR when shows are on at the same time.

Monday night: "24"

Tuesday night: "American Idol"

Wedensday night: "American Idol"
"Lost". If you haven't started watching Lost don't start now. But go rent the first two seasons at a video store and get caught up because it is one of my very favorite shows. I highly recommend it.

Thursday night: "The Office"

And Friday and Saturdays we usually make Jon and Kristi come over to our house so we can put our kids to bed and play. That sounds like we are addicted to a lot of shows, doesn't it.


Indiana Clark's said...

I agree...I couldn't live without DVR. I don't think we ever watch the news or any event live anymore. Who wants to watch the news anyway. It's so depressing! We are big fans of American Idol and The Office. I've become addicted to Grey's Anantomy which I know is nothing but sleezy drama...but I'm living vicariously thru them (McDreamy!!! Hee) - Kim

Carrie said...

On Thursdays, you also need to watch 30 Rock, it's hysterical!!

Delene said...

I never watch TV....I don't even know what those shows are! I used to but now...it just doesn't interest me too much.

Susan said...

Darren does like 30 Rock. I've watched it a couple of times. Never watched Greys Anatomy, though.

Delene said...

When will you get your computer fixed? What exactly is wrong with it?

nalani said...

I'm with Kim....I LOVE Grey's Anatomy too! Jed even watches it with me although he'd never admit that.

Rose said...

I'm going to have to get into Lost. I've never seen it. Thanks for reminding me to start watching Amazing Race. I love that show.

Indiana Clark's said...

30 Rock is on our DVR too. It's funny.