Saturday, February 02, 2008

Space Derby

I am supposed to be doing taxes right not but the software is not working as it should (actually it's probably me not knowing what to do with it on our Mac). So I have to wait for Darren to help me and decided to make good use of my time by updating my blog. I have a lot of pictures for blog entries so the next three entries are new. Make sure you check all of them out :-) You never know what you might miss.

Thursday night was Kevin's first Space Derby at pack meeting.

Here are Darren, Kevin, and Ethan sanding down the rocket.

This is what Jake was doing during the rocket making. He was more interested in dinosaurs at the time.

Putting the finishing touches on the rocket.

Getting ready for the rocket to fly. Darren and I often take turns going to Kevin's functions because Jacob is at a difficult age to take to some of them. Darren usually goes to pack meeting but decided he wanted a break from this one. That was fine with me because it was my turn to go. That is, it was fine with me until I got there and realized this was almost as much a dad event as it was a cub scout event. I was the only mom helping a scout. There were moms there watching but it was the dads that were involved the most. Then when they told me his rocket wasn't ready to fly I did not know what to do. I hadn't done anything with making it, that was all Darren. So I didn't know what it needed. I had to borrow a pocket knife from one of the dads, look at someone else's finished rocket, attempt to make some notches in the bottom and borrow a piece from another scout to make the rocket ready. We did get it done and Kevin's rocket won both times it raced. So it all worked out in the end. But we will know at the next derby, Darren must be there. And in all fairness to Darren, he didn't know it would be such a dad event, either.

Kevin and his winning rocket.

Kevin's rocket "in the air". His opponent's rocket didn't even make it far enough to be in the picture.


Rose said...

What an awesome mom to be able to fix the rocket. And, Darren did a good job, too. Congratulations, Kevin!

Andy said...

you should have got people for your taxs!

Anonymous said...

No way do I pay someone to do my taxes when I can just pay $35 for easy tax software and do it myself.

Delene said...

Looks like fun. Congratulations, Kevin, on your big win.

Anonymous said...

i meant it as a joke, havent you seen those commercials,,,,,you should have got people,

Pat C. said...

I'm with Rose--you are awesome. Looks like it was a family project. Congratulations to you all!

Katie said...

i love that picture of jake! i love kevin in the pictures because of his look as he watches darren. i am glad kevin won!!

Indiana Clark's said...

Great job Kevin! You make us proud!! :)