Sunday, July 20, 2008

Like Darren said in his post, we went to the Idaho Falls Chukars game last night. Here are some of my pictures from the game:

Wait a minute, I bought Kevin a blue snow cone. How did it turn green? ( a little help from Mountain Dew) Can you tell Kevin is proud of it?

Jeff and Jake horsing around. Most of the time we spent in the grassy area next to the field so the kids could run around.

Jacob standing on the bleachers. He had a good time climbing over them until they filled up and and he couldn't do it anymore.

Tracie, Kevin, and Ethan

Tracie seeing how fast she can throw. I think it was like 58 miles per hour or something like that. She can correct me if I'm wrong.

After the game the kids got to run around the bases. (This picture was taken by Darren but it was on my camera so I am posting it.)

Ethan with the ball he talked the other team out of. He really wanted a ball and Tracie told him sometimes the pitchers that sit on the bench right by us will give out balls. He and Tracie asked them once but they said they didn't have one for him. Ethan is a very persistant little kid if he wants something. He kept asking Tracie to ask again but she said no. Someone pointed out the balls that were under the bench right next to the fence. Ethan put his hand under the fence and worked out one of the balls. When we realized what he had done we told him he had to put it back. Tracie went with him and asked the pitchers if he could play with the ball for a few minutes and then give it back. They told him to keep it. He's pretty proud of that ball.

Dogpile on Kevin!

A cute family watching the game.


Rose said...

I love the dogpile on Kevin and the cute family picture. Baseball games are fun. Good job, Ethan, on getting that ball.

Delene said...

Hey, that's getting closer to a recent family group shot!! ((HINT!!))

marie said...

Looks like fun! I just read a bunch of your past blogs and can I just say I live in Wayne County I totally know the thrill of swimming lessons! Your family is so cute and growing up-I don't even think that I've ever seen your youngest son. I love this blogging stuff-finally a way to stay up with fam!

Mary Ann said...

in the last picture Kevin looks like a tiger ready to pounce.

Andy said...

sounds like a great time

Becca Queen of Chaos said...

I too love the dogpile picture!!