Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our camping trip

For the 4th of July weekend we went camping with the Bartholomew family at 12 Mile Flats in the Manti-Lasal forest. Right after the t-ball game on July 2nd we made the long drive from Rexburg to Fayette and another hour beyond that to the mountains. We spent Wed night on the mountain and most of the day Thursday, as well. After 4th of July festivities in Gunnison we came back up Friday and stayed until Saturday morning. Kevin, Ethan, Brianna, Kaitlin and I hiked up to Camel Rock on Thursday morning. Darren had taken our camera for his big fish so I used my Mom's camera. I don't have those pictures to post but maybe my mom will post them. I used to hike up there when I was a kid so it brought back fun memories.

Ethan and Mom around the campfire.

Andy, Brianna, Ami, and Jenna. Those cheeseballs Brianna is holding were a very popular treat. My parents' trailor door was orange when camping was done.

Kaitlin and Ben

Darren spent most of his time fishing. Here is one of his catches. He looks pretty handsome in all his fisherman getup.

Jacob trying to get to sleep in the tent. Or maybe I should say me trying to get Jake to sleep. He had no intention of going to sleep.

Jacob helping my mom and dad make ice cream. He was helping practically the entire time.

Ben teaching Kevin to drive the 4 wheeler.

The place Jacob spent most of his time -- the dirt. Next time I am bringing double the clothes for him.

One of the camp cooks.


Delene said...

Fun trip!!!

Rose said...

I wish we could have camped longer. I would have loved to do the camel hike. Marie's blog has some camel hike pictures, too.