Monday, July 24, 2006


Today we slept in. It was nice. In our room we got up about 8:30 am. Darren went to Fred Meyer's and got some food for breakfast. Then I went and checked out the work out room and Darren took the boys swimming. We finally all met up about noon. One of Carl's favorite places is the Locks. I'm sure they have an official name but that's all I know. These locks take boats between Lake Washington and Puget Sound. We watched the boats come in from Puget Sound, tie their boats to the side of the lock and raise up with the water. Then they moved into Lake Washington. They also have a mini aquarium like structure that lets you see all the salmon in the water. The kids spent a long time looking at that. The locks were pretty cool.

After the locks we went to Archie MacPhees. It's a novelty toy store with very inexpensive toys. We all had fun looking at the fun things they had and bought a few things.

Lunch was at "Dicks". We got burgers and took them to the Arboretum to eat. Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for the Mariner's baseball game. Pat stayed with all of the kids and watched them swim and swim and swim. She is such a good sport and we really appreciate her. The rest of us went to the Mariners game. They played the Red Sox and got beat. But it was still fun. When we got back to the hotel all 5 kids were sound asleep in Pat and Carl's room.

The kids looking at the salmon (Darren took this picture)

Us at the locks. What a cute family!

Courtney got some fake mustaches from the toy store and she shared with her cousins. Thanks Courtney!

What do you think? Should he keep it or shave it?


Tracie said...

I LOVE the family picture. It's so cute!!! And definatly lose the mustache Darren

Delene said...

Shave it, Darren! The kids look cute, but ....!

Those are huge salmon.

Rose said...

Shave it. I agree with Tracie. That family picture was a cute one. Susan, you look very classy. You could use it for your Christmas cards if only Jake was in there.

Pat & Carl said...

...but Rose, there's a photographer in the house!! Couldn't he just paste Jacob in there...great idea

Carrie said...

Uncle Paul, is that you?

Michael Slade said...

Is that a banana slug on Darren's upper lip?

I think he should eat it (a li'l Tobasco will help).

Anonymous said...

Keep WHAT or shave WHAT??