Monday, July 24, 2006


Today was Grandma Bell's funeral in Quincy, Washington. I don't have any pictures of the funeral but Darren has some nice ones so hopefully he will post them. We left about 6:30 am and drove from Spokane to Quincy. I had never been to Quincy. It looks like a small farming community. The funeral was very nice. I learned a lot about Grandma Bell. We were also able to see family that we don't see very often and meet a few that I had never met.

When the funeral was over we drove to Seattle. We stopped at Snoqualmie Falls (not sure if I spelled that right) on the way. Then we checked into our hotel and went to Uncle Richard and Aunt Sharon's for a yummy barbeque. They fed us Wedensday night and Saturday night and both were excellent meals and very much appreciated.

Ethan at the falls

Kevin at the falls

All the kids at the falls

The kids posing on some rocks

Shandy's ankle after two days of traveling and dealing with the heat. What a trooper she was the whole time! For those of you who don't know, she is 6 weeks away from having a baby.

Kevin holding his new cousin, Cannon. (Not sure I spelled that one right either.)

Ethan with Cannon


Tracie said...

I love the cheesy smiles! They are classsic

Delene said...

Boy, Shandy's ankle looks more like a belly-button than an ankle. No offense, Shandy, I do feel for you though!

Katie said...

I thought the SAME thing! i was looking at the ankle and thought, "wow, what happened?" but then i noticed it was a close up of an ankle...don't worry your ankle's doesn't look as big as a belly, it was just the closeness of the picture... maybe i should just close this...

Maile said...

Hey, I recognize that baby. Your boys are great. I loved seeing you for a bit. Hopefully we are Rexburg bound one of these days.