Friday, July 14, 2006


Can you believe my baby is one year old? Where has the year gone? His party started off quietly. I forgot to make him a separate little cake so we just sat him in front of the big one.

He wasn't too interested at first but soon discovered he really liked his birthday cake.

Here he is after his mess:

He got a lot of presents and wasn't too interested in those. But his brothers sure were. They were only too happy to help him open them.

We love you, Jake! Happy Birthday!


Tracie said...

What a cute kid!!!

Delene said...

What a sweet child! You should have used chocolate frosting though. It makes it look like a bigger mess!

Clarks in Orem said...

I think he looks good in green.

Grandpa Clark said...

Wish I would have been there so I could have helped eat the cake. It looks good. I like the color of the bath water.

Happy B'day Jacob! Love, Grandpa

Mary Ann said...

That is Fantastic!!!

And really cute!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Grandma C. said...

That's the way birthdays should be--diving into cake! We are so looking forward to seeing more of Jacob and the rest of the family this coming week. Jacob's gift should arrive tomorrow!!

Jolene said...

Jake is so cute! Happy Birthday!!