Monday, July 24, 2006


We had a family reunion planned with Darren's parents and siblings for this week. We were going to spend two nights in West Yellowstone, Montana and tour Yellowstone, then go to Utah and spend more time together. But Darren's Grandma Bell passed away and so our plans changed. Mike, Kim, Camilla, and Courtney flew in from Indiana on Tuesday and then all of us drove to Spokane, Washington on Wedensday. Once we got to Spokane it took us an hour to find the hotel. When we finally got there we were all tired and hungry but the rest of the drive was pretty uneventful.

Carrie riding in the car. Ethan took this picture. She probably didn't know it was even taken because she was trying to get a nap in. It might not look like it but she can actually sleep that way in the car. That's something new I learned about her this weekend.

The kids climbing a hill at one of the many rest stops we made. It was a good way to get rid on their stored up energy even if they were pretty dusty when they finished. Courtney and Camilla made it all the way to the top. Way to go girls!

Ethan riding in the car

Kevin and Ethan posing at a gas station


Tracie said...

Cute Kids!!

Delene said...

I love those boys!

Carrie said...

Ha Ha! No, I didn't know Ethan took that picture of me. Yes, I have perfected the art of sleeping in the car without leaning my head against the seat. After all, I don't like it when my hair gets flat in the back! I must keep my afro strong!

Carrie said...

Maile and I think you need to tell the story about Kevin's explanation of why we had to go church on a Saturday!